Mustard Seed provides high-quality primary medical and mental health care to residents of the Cottage Grove neighborhood and to adults and children anywhere in Guilford County without insurance and living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.  We also take extra steps to help people overcome the barriers to good health. Lack of healthy food? There’s a community garden behind the clinic and regular access to free produce from a local food bank. Stress at home? We provide counseling and help getting to the bottom of stressful situations.  Isolation? Our community health workers will check in regularly to see you you’re doing

238 South English St, Greensboro, NC 27401 |  (336) 763-0814

Up to Date News

Good news for our Orange Card patients!

Orange Card

Good news for our Orange Card patients!
(The Guilford Community Care Network)

Orange Card gives low-income uninsured individuals access to, among other things, the Health Department pharmacy and medication assistance program) We can now help you renew your Orange Card by phone. To set up a phone appointment email Estefania at

Just another way Mustard Seed Community Health is saying “Stay Home!”

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We are Open!

Signs of the times: Mustard Seed Community Health is keeping its staff and its patients safe by asking patients with symptoms typical of COVID-19 to

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"Empowering our community with good health"

Our Mission

is to provide high quality, holistic, integrated healthcare to those in need, in an environment that dignifies and empowers the whole person.

This is more than a clinic, this is a community health home...

Without Mustard Seed in the community many Cottage Grove residents would go without medical care, or would see a doctor only when their health problems became an emergency.  As an integral part of the community we can help people get healthy–and stay healthy.

On Site Medical Visits in 2019


Patients Served in 2019


# Patients uninsured in 2019


# of patients in 2019 best served in a language other than English:

$ 0

Direct value of services provided in 2019

1 %

Percentage hypertension patients whose blood pressure had dropped below 140/90 at their last visit:

Mustard Seed by the Numbers

We’re making a difference! Our team’s whole-person approach helps our patients address everything that affects their health and well-being, whether it’s emotional stress, poor housing, or lack of access to healthy food.  The numbers tell the story–and all of Guilford County benefits from a healthier, happier community.

238 South English St, Greensboro, NC 27401

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